All condominiums have an association made up of the homeowners. Everyone who owns a unit in the complex is part of the apartment & condo association. They pay association fees. The fee is usually adjusted to the size of the unit. The money is used to maintain the complex. The coverage is for the outside of the units and usually includes the pool and community center. Owners are responsible for the inside of the condos.

The association has a list of CC&R’s. These are the rules that govern the association and everyone in the complex agrees to follow them. Apartment & condo association rules usually include things that will make the units clean and safe for everyone who lives there. When the new homeowner purchases the condo, they agree in writing to keep the rules.

The apartment & condo association will usually have an insurance policy, just like homeowners have insurance on their homes. In this case it is one large policy for the whole complex. The owners of the units need to understand what the insurance policy covers. It can be confusing to them and when there is a problem, they will not know what coverage they have.

A master package policy would cover all the outside walls of the condo. It would include the stairs, patios, pool areas, community center and common walkways. Almost any area of the complex that is outside the unit would be part of the insurance policy. This is important to know because if there were to be a fire or other disaster, the insurance policy would cover the complex. Disasters such of hail storms, lightning, water damage, vandalism are also part of the coverage. Some things are not covered. Natural floods, earthquakes, and damage from wars are not part of the policy. The Apartment & Condo Association will pay for the policy out of the dues paid by the homeowners. If can be very reassuring for the people living in the complex to know that the association will buy the policy and handle all the details.

It is important that the homeowners are made aware of exactly what is covered and what they are responsible to cover. Because they own the unit, they will need to buy coverage for the inside of the condominium. Buying a condominium is just like purchasing a home. They need homeowner’s insurance. It is a special insurance of people who own condos. Everything inside the unit will be covered.

It is important that every owner get a copy of what is their responsibility and what is the responsibility of the apartment and condo association. This document is usually given to them at the closing and they will sign that they read and understood it. This is important so there is no misunderstanding. Living in a condominium is enjoyable and with the good CC&Rs there are usually not many problems. The association is meant to make life safe and easy.

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