Why buy auto insurance?

Automobile accidents and other vehicle related losses can cause significant financial hardship if you and your family are not insured. Auto insurance covers the cost of damages and medical treatment in the event that you are legally responsible for an accident. If your vehicle is damaged or stolen, then some auto insurance may cover the cost of repair or replacement as well.

Do I need auto insurance?

By law, most states require you to purchase auto insurance before you will be allowed on the road. At minimum, you will usually be required to have proof of basic liability insurance or post a bond before you will be issued a drivers license. In order to license a vehicle, the state will need proof that it is covered by your insurance. Local Citizens Business Insurance auto insurance experts can answer any specific questions you have about what type of insurance is right for you.

How much auto insurance do I need?

Most people will want to protect their own financial future as well as their families' by purchasing more than the legally required minimum coverage. Damages not covered by auto insurance have to be paid out-of-pocket. These out-of-pocket expenses can be shockingly high. Depending on your budget, your Citizens Business Insurance agent can recommend auto insurance to suit your needs.

How to avoid high auto insurance premiums

Your auto insurance premium depends on many factors. In general, the longer you drive without accidents or citations the lower your premiums will be. Discounts on auto insurance premiums are available for drivers of cars with certain safety features as well.

Why should I purchase auto insurance from Citizens Business Insurance Services?

Citizens Business Insurance Services can serve your unique insurance needs. Auto insurance, home insurance, insurance for small businesses, and life insurance are all on offer. The best reason for choosing Farmer may be the experience of working with professional local agents. Citizens Business Insurance Services agents help you navigate your personal insurance needs. With their unparalleled customer service they can simplify your life, help find insurance discounts, and streamline the claims process.

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