Citizens Business Insurances’ approach to providing errors and omissions (E&O) insurance to technology firms offers a broader program focused on the needs of your industry. We understand those needs and we have structured a program to anticipate and help respond to them.

Our E&O solution for technology companies offers broader coverage against certain "wrongful acts" by, or on behalf of, an insured that may result in the failure of products to perform as intended, leading to economic loss to customers. Compare these features with your current E&O coverage and see how our technology E&O meets your ever-changing needs.

Technology errors & omissions coverage features broader coverage:

Claims made; defense costs within the limit of liability, subject to a deductible. Broader than typical Claims Made and Reported forms

Admitted coverage:

Meaning no special filing fees or taxes associated with your program

Global coverage:

True worldwide coverage. Built-in language addressing global jurisdictional issues. Income tax equalization

What's Included:

Minimizes any after-tax impacts associated with claims payments in one country (which may be viewed as "income") for a loss occurring in another country. If applicable, pays up to $25,000 in any one 12-month period. Knowledge of an incident prior to a claim Limited to the insured's "executive officers" and "key insurance contacts" as defined in policy. Broader coverage than typical policies.Damages Defined to help ensure understanding of what is covered

Wrongful act and claims reporting:

As soon as practicable; no 60/90 day limitation Clearly defines who is responsible for reporting claims, while other policies might encompass virtually any employee

Cancellation Policy:

Pro-rata, for any reason; no short-rate cancellation penalty

Who is an insured:

Broad named insured language that includes spouses, employees, executive officers, LLCs, joint ventures, partnerships and others

Newly acquired organizations:

Automatic 90-day coverage for qualifying organizations, or until end of the policy period; coverage begins on the date of acquisition. Policy language Aligns with Commercial General Liability Policy to reduce the potential for coverage gaps

Definition of covered activities:

Technology focused; extensive list of covered technology services for a constantly evolving industry Broader definition of covered activities "including but not limited to…"

Basic extended reporting period:

Automatic 90-day period. Supplemental extended reporting period Five years; maximum of 200 percent additional premium

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