Homeowners insurance instils peace of mind. This peace of mind comes from knowing that in the event of a covered loss, your damages, whether for your home or rental property, will be repaired and your destroyed belongings will be replaced.

Home owners insurance covers dwellings and other structures:

Having Homeowners insurance will also cover other structures on your property such as: Sheds, storage buildings, detached garages, and barns. For rental property, homeowners insurance will provide protection for separate structures on your property as well. Policy coverage of these items has normal exclusions, as do all policies; these are generally normal wear and tear, floods, nuclear disasters, and earthquakes.

Homeowners insurance covers dwelling Improvements, Alterations, and Additions:

Townhome and condominium owners may have liability limits under their association’s policy. Homeowners insurance can insure gap coverage in cases of accidental damage that may occur while making improvements to your home.

Home owner’s policies can help with loss assessment:

With a Homeowners insurance policy in place, Condominium owners can receive as much as $1500 for assessments on damaged property in the event of a claim. These funds could be used to replace property or cover injury awards your association policy may not cover. Some association policies cover as much as $50,000 but these amounts vary from policy to policy.

Home owners insurance covers personal property:

Homeowners insurance also covers household items such as, clothing furniture, guns, electronics, and jewelry. Renters will be asked to make a list of personal belongings to estimate a value of these items for coverage.

Personal Liability:

Home owners insurance will protect your property, whether you own or rent, from damages or loss. Home owners insurance will also help in the event of a personal injury occurring on your property and will protect you and your family from the risk of a potential lawsuit. Policy limits may vary from one policy to another. If you do not have home owners insurance you place yourself in a position of enormous liability and risk. In the event of a fire of a tornado you become liable for total replacement should your home be damaged or destroyed. Home owners insurance costs penny`s on the dollar compared to replacement values and costs. Personal injury cases can see awards well into the millions of dollars, without insurance a family would be forced to liquidate all assets in order to pay these damages. These are just a few of the many reasons home owners insurance is a smart investment.

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